Christiana is a transdisciplinary researcher at i-DAT. Currently conducting research on ‘Re-inventing transdisciplinary curating: navigating transnational digital engagement & the role of applied data on multimodal curatorial dialogues between art, science, technology and narratives’ (University of Plymouth)

The research will explore transdisciplinary curatorial online prototypes that contribute towards social and open innovation. Examine existing public engagement methodologies to re-shape culture that digitally engage transnational audiences between open science and multimodal artistic practices in the age of network systems.  Through a series of case studies & pilot projects it will synthesize possible methods in which virtual data spaces can generate social constellations between art and science practices. Reflect on the role of those multidimensional dialogues & evaluate the impact of large-scale sociotechnical systems on humanity through e-democracy, social constructivism and knowledge transfer.

Projects Aims

This cross-disciplinary research approaches the theme from different angles and aims to explore and challenge:

  • Innovative curatorial modes: organisational cybernetics between the curator, organizations, creators, the audiences and consisting parties of the society. Look at the role of the curator as a digital spatial story teller, social constructivist, digital humanist & inclusive cultural practitioner. Curating can advance global consciousness & connectivity and expand our perceptions of social, cultural, scientific, and political issues.

  • Open digital culture: new methodologies of participatory tools, digital engagement & alternative vocabularies of interpretation for open science and digital creativity. The combination of wide range media communication strategies cross boundaries of knowledge that support cross-collaboration & co-creation that affect us as individuals within our society, cities, organisations.

  • Digital citizenship: unfold and evaluate the holistic integration of social & complex human systems through the formation of cybercommunities & the role of the internet as a civic space for art and science projects.

Expanded hybrid environments being from open science leading to open culture; manifesting changes in participatory immersion via narrativasion as a structural interconnection between emergent technologies, creative processes & virtual ethnography. The research will speculate how experimental curatorial modes have the capacity to become online laboratories that transcend conventional physical boundaries; modelling new social reforms & foster interdisciplinary discourse through collective intelligence & collaborative research.

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AuthorChristiana Kazakou