Christiana Kazakou is an interdisciplinary curator, creative consultant and cultural producer based in London. Driven by novel ideas and entrepreneurial concepts; she found herself working for several innovative and prestigious companies such as Business of Culture Ltd, Gluon, Athens Science Festival, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Vinyl Factory, the Longplayer Trust, the Florence Biennale, MARCEL Network & Future Cinema. Her background in gallery management, project & event management, marketing communications & PR as well as financial management makes her a well-rounded art consultant who enjoys any new challenge.

In 2014 she was appointed as the first Art and Science curator for the Athens Science Festival. The festival is organised by the British Council, Education Council, SciCo (Science Communication), Astronomical Observatory and NCSR “Demokritos”. For this year’s London Science Festival she curated a multi-media event on life and death called ‘Vanishing Entities’ featuring the projects of 24 participating artists and scientists from different art forms (performance lectures, dance, science, performance art, live art, film projections as well as participatory and interactive pieces). Furthermore she is the digital curator for MARCEL Network: a permanent very high band-width network dedicated to artistic, educational and cultural experimentation, exchange between art and science and collaboration between art and industry. In 2017 she has also been appointed as an associate curator for the Athens Digital Arts Festival, organising a series of cultural talks and workshops. Her curatorial portfolio includes multidisciplinary event Vanishing Entities for London Science Festival, The Muses Project; a dialogue between art and science organised at the Cypriot Embassy as well as academic projects in collaboration with the Oxford University Anatomical Neuropharmacology Department and Central Saint Martins. She is also curating an art and science educational programme in collaboration with EY Sailing; a thematic sailing company based in Greece on The Art of Mapping Emotions, Soundscapes Art Residency and Sustainable Photography. The last project she has been involved is the 'Scientist in Residence' program, initiated by Gluon,Brussels in collaboration with BOZAR, Ars Electronica and the Serpentine Galleries. Parallel to the residency Christiana is also involved in the Laser Talks, organised by Leonardo Journal. Christiana is currently working on an Artificial Intelligence exhibition at the CCA (Contemporary Center of Architecture) in Montreal and also manages art & science projects for BOZAR Lab!

Christiana’s curatorial practice explores interdisciplinarity with an emphasis on art and science. She perceives her role as a curator/programmer to be an active part of the community that communicates concepts to wider audiences. Driven by novel ideas and entrepreneurial concepts; she is a strong believer that new business models may be a business solution to the challenge of long-term innovation and production in the creative and cultural industries. Her curatorial practice explores the performativity of exhibition displays, audience participation and interaction, immersive environments, art – science and performance, collaborative and alternative processes of interpretation through new media. She is especially fascinated by the concept of virtual museums, where the audience explores projects digitally by crossing physical boundaries that geographical places usually impose.

Her academic record includes Financial Economics (BSc), Arts Management (MA), Art & Science (MA) and Creative Writing & Practical Journalism (Dip). She has also attended a digital curation course at the UCL & Innovative Curating, Curating New Media Art & Curating Art & Science through the Node Center of Curatorial Studies in Berlin.  She is a member of the AA, Museums Association & ASCI (Art & Science Collaborations).